Thursday, June 24, 2010

ahh stupidity..

why are boys so stupid?
& girls so naive?
is it really so much to ask for a little truth,
and not to mention trust..
as if things wern't going smooth enough..
things arnt going smooth at all.
if there was ever a time i was in need of
this would be it.
My list of non smoooth things..
Dakota. (lies)
Friends.(what friends?)
Family.(mad with mom)
Mom..(getting alot better though)
and this would be where i should make my list of things that actually are smooth...but i just don't feel like it...

wishing for the strength and wisdom to say eff this..
at least the stupid stuff.


  1. Jen, it sounds like things aren't awesome. :( I want things to be awesome for you. And for the record, we are friends. I promise you. If you need to talk, just text/call me. I'll do what I can. I love you, and I hope things get better soon. :/ <3elyse

  2. Hon, things will be okay. I'm praying for you and if you ever need Code Red, even 3 A.M. call me and we'll talk.
    You're in my thoughts,