Thursday, June 24, 2010

is it possible for an eighteen year old girl to be ready to "settle down" ?
i don't mean paying bills, fixing the water softener, or fixing 3 meals everyday..
but I'm tired of this stage..
Some girls my age have kids, some have their own homes, are married...
i know that all kinda looked down upon and its probably not as simple or nice as it looks but i always
find myself admiring those people.
even though it may not be how they planned it.. at least its exciting.
I guess maybe i admire or envy the fact that those people always have Someone there for them, or something they
need to be doing.. i dont know.. im not saying i want to have a kid or be married or be on my own by any means
just seems like its about time for SOMETHING new..
just wishing...
& wishing.......

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