Thursday, June 24, 2010

so this is blogging...hum.

and it starts like this.. and will soon become an escape from the world and carpel tunnel..hum.

i could use an escape.. not so much the carpel tunnel. but we will all probably have it at any moment anyways from all this texting, facebooking and twitting or tweeting or whatever its called. Since i have been slow to start this blogging thing and its been a long time since our last small group i figured i should catch you all up on whats been going on in my life.

i should warn you its pretty non exciting and uneventful so i wont try to make any of it seem like it is..or was or whatever.

+dakota is still my boyfriend- things are going very good (: except for the gum he put in my hair yesterday. ..later..that same gum went up his nose.

+I decided not to go to Panama City for the senior trip because mom and i were fighting about it too much

+Dakota and the seniors left for the trip on Sunday June 13

+Mom and I kept fighting..

+I bought a plane ticket and left for the senior trip June 17

+Dakota and i drove a million hours - the car started smoking and broke. 4:15 pm

+So..we pulled into a gas station where we met david the "machanic" whom -- drove us to his house to pick up some tools to replace our broken belt where we then relized that this is how people got killed or locked in sheds and stuff. so as Dakota and i panicked in the back seat texting back and forth saying our goodbyes David walked out of the shed with a padlocked door and no windows with his sons tool box..we drove to the car parts store and david bought us a new belt because after florida (expensive) expenses we had just enough cash between the both of us to get us to Lexington we all drove back to the gas station where our broken car was and he fixed the belt added some coolant and as soon as we were beining to pick up an awful southern accent- we were back on the road. 7:30 pm

Angels Do Exist. . .

+Sooo.. we were back on the road and begining to think if that didnt kill us starvation will.

- with $40 between the both of us and about 400 miles to go, a half tank of gas, food wasnt looking like an option.

+6:15 am, $1 left , gas light turns on...

1 mile to Lexington, Kentucky.

+7:54 Went to Dakota's orientation meeting & lunch & seminars for new students..

+1:45 slept, slept, slept.....

im sorry i promised to not make anything i did sound cooler or more exciting than it was but that story just had to be written.. somewhere.

Soo..after all of that we had another day at UK doing things for Dakota's upcoming school year

I <3 UK Wildcats

we made it home today around...4:45 pm

+i had a great time..

so good to escape for a little while..but it wasn't l o n g e n o u g h.

+mom is still mad.

wishing i was somewhere else..

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